Infinite Meditation

connect to ‘the light’ through cultivating radiant inner chi

If you long to thrive, rather than survive in this world, you need to still your mind and to hold radiant energy within your whole system, so that you can rise above the battleground of normal human life. Once your consciousness is high enough, your life can actually become quite relaxing and enjoyable.

You will no longer be anxiously trying to gain others’ love or approval.
You will no longer need to prove that you are right!
You will no longer need to compete aggressively with anyone!

Infinite Meditation

internal energy work

Infinite Meditation is unique in that it is internal energy work also: you could call it a form of Chi Kung. In a similar fashion, the focus is on opening the energy body in daily meditation. It will take some time before all these energy centres are open, but when they are, it forms the foundation for more advanced practice. Base and negative emotions can be released energetically... loving compassion, soul expression and expansion of consciousness is cultivated through the practice of Infinite Meditation.

You will Learn

during this course you will learn / deepen into foundation practice

- Alignment Physical / Energetic
- Correct Posture
- Preparatory Asana Practice ( 10 min)
- Infinite Meditation technique
- Detailed Instructions & recommendations
- 40 Day Support
- Full Access to the course on TIA Platform for 90 days
- "7 Principles for Radiant Living" & ITC Calendar + Postage ( if Full Price was chosen)

Rise Above
Your Thinking Mind

"In Infinite Meditation, one of our core goals is to rise above the egoic thinking level of our mind into a much calmer more peaceful state of consciousness. When you can finally rise above the thinking level of your mind, a sense of deep inner peace is inevitable." ~ Jason Chan

Your Training Programme Includes:

Upon signing in, you will have access to all material in the course. If you chose Book & Calendar Bundle, those will be posted to you asap.

  • 2


    • INTRODUCTION to Infinite Meditation

    • The Goals of Infinite Meditation

  • 3


    • TECHNIQUE - Infinite Meditation

    • INSTRUCTIONS - Infinite Meditation

    • ENERGY PATTERN - Infinite Meditation

    • Obstacles New Meditators Face

    • Key Points for Successful Infinite Meditation

    • VIDEO Programme - "Receive the gift from the Universe" with Jason Chan

    • AUDIO Programme - Infinite Meditation with Jason Chan

  • 4


    • SESSION 1

    • SESSION 2

    • SESSION 3

  • 5


    • Asana Practice 20 min

  • 6


    • 40 Day Mandala - Print it Out

    • Session 1 - RECORDED - Group Guided Asana & iMeditation

    • Session 2 - RECORDED Group iMeditation

    • Session 3 - RECORDED - Asana & iMeditation

    • Session 4 - RECORDED Asana & iMeditation

    • Session 5 - RECORDED Group iMeditation

    • Session 6 - RECORDED Group iMeditation

    • Session 7 - RECORDED Group Asana & iMeditation

    • Session 8 - RECORDED Group iMeditation

    • Session 9 - RECORDED Group iMeditation

  • 7


    • "Secrets of Infinite Tai Chi"

    • The Radiant Warrior Teacher Training / Personal Development Course

    • FEEDBACK - "Infinite Meditation" - Rise above your thinking Mind

Beautiful Gift Bundle

from Jason Chan & The Infinite Arts

Choose the full price of €94 and receive ITC Calendar 2021 & "7 Principles for Radiant Living" Book.

You will find words of wisdom and motivation throughout the year from Jason Chan paired with a collection of truly beautiful images capturing the radiant chi of our Infinite Arts teachers as they practice Infinite Tai Chi.

What our students say

An amazingly honest platform for Spiritual growth.


A beautiful masterful course, full of sincerity, truth and love. An amazingly honest platform for Spiritual growth. The course gave me a deepening awareness beyond my expectations. Very deep teachings made accessible and in such a way as to enable immediate integration. I am so grateful to Jason and The Infinite Arts team.

Its like having 1 to 1 personal tuition with Jason


The Infinite Tai Chi stage 1 to 3 course absolutely beautiful .. Its like having 1 to 1 personal tuition with Jason..and he is so patient ..I will never ever say " I hate technology" ..which I have in the past . These courses are just amazing inspiring opportunities and so personable ...There is always an opportunity to ask ...Thank you so much!

a powerful retreat to deepen & expand.

Emelia May

This was a powerful retreat to deepen & expand. I found it challenging as the ‘stuff’ became known, however, the material perfectly timed to assist the release and transformation. A tangible shift had certainly occurred by the end of the retreat.

true Master of the energy arts

John & Gaia Parkin

“We’ve hosted several retreats for Jason Chan over the years – as energy practitioners ourselves it was obvious from the moment we met Jason that he is a true Master of the energy arts, and there aren’t many of those around. We know – we’ve looked. It’s impossible not to feel the chi around Jason, so his teaching becomes more ‘transmission’ than instruction. We would recommend anyone interested in exploring the world of chi to head straight to the luminous door of Jason Chan.”

Fabulous course

Margaret R

Fabulous course, lots of information about the philosophy underlying the practice. Clear and easy to follow movement and exercises. Great meditations.

connect more with my truth and with my heart

Ann W

Jason provides a profound combination of strength and love and patiently has allowed me to go on an incredible journey. I know what he gives is life saving and life giving. Jason has allowed me to connect more with my truth and with my heart. He has supported my soul awakening, encouraged me to heal, find peace and the stillness my heart has ached for – in truth, he helps you see your divine perfection and is unlike any other teacher. Incredible things happen in your life once you have met Jason.


If you learn how to open your body in alignment with sacred geometry, you can tune into a much higher energy and thus empower yourself on many different levels. Energy is always pouring down on us from a much higher plane, but very few of us yet know how to make ourselves fully available to this miraculous energy.