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Advanced Online Retreat with Jason Chan

Miraculous Creation & Living

7 Day ONLINE Advanced Programme

with Master Jason Chan

recorded during Easter Retreat in Ireland

Take time to reflect on your Life now - It is a time for Miracles!

Wouldn't it be great if you could live your life fully and miraculously?;

How can we live life with grace and at peace? 

These questions usually require a period of retreat and contemplation. 

A Retreat for Advanced Practitioners

During this retreat you will explore the principles required to attain: 

Longevity, Happiness, Fulfilment and Love

while we are alive and vibrant. 

This will include deepening into our practice of:

 Meditation, Contemplation, Healing Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chi Yoga


This retreat is a manual for living a miraculous life

  • 1


  • 2

    Advanced Infinite Arts PRACTICES

    • How best to use this section:

    • iChi Yoga - Sun Salutations A & B

    • iChiYoga - Mini Series

    • "Open & Go Deep" - Warm Up

    • Advanced Standing Like a Tree, iChi Kung

    • Advanced Infinite Tai Chi - Stage 1

  • 3

    DAY 1 - Miraculous Creation

    • Seven Levels of Energetic Transformation

    • Levels of Transformation, Triangle

    • 8 Steps for Miraculous Living, Talk

    • Levels of Consciousness Chart

  • 4

    DAY 2 - Greater Joining

    • Greater Joining , Talk

    • AUDIO: "Greater Joining", Talk

    • Tree of Life, Talk

    • AUDIO: Tree of Life

    • "Open & Go Deep" - Warm Up

  • 5

    DAY 3 - Miraculous Living

    • Manifest Your Dreams, Talk

    • AUDIO: Manifest Your Dreams, Talk

    • Manifest Your Dreams, Meditation

    • AUDIO: Manifest Your Dreams Meditation

    • Radiant Infinite Chi Kung

  • 6

    DAY 4 - Samsara

    • Samsara

    • AUDIO: Samsara

    • Beyond The Veil

    • AUDIO: Beyound The Veil

    • Karmic Wind

    • AUDIO: Karmic Wind

    • iChiYoga - Mini Series

    • YouTube Video -" The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1994)"

  • 7

    DAY 5 - Heaven on Earth

    • Heaven on Earth

    • AUDIO: Heaven on Earth

    • Healing, Infinite Meditation

    • AUDIO: Healing, Infinite Meditation

    • 5 Principles for Miraculous Creation

    • AUDIO: 5 principles for Miraculous Living

    • Advanced Standing Like a Tree, iChi Kung

  • 8

    DAY 6 - Transcendence

    • VIDEO: The Right Conversation

    • AUDIO: The Right Conversation

    • VIDEO: Transcendence, Infinite Meditation

    • AUDIO: Transcendence, Infinite Meditation

    • Advanced Infinite Tai Chi - Stage 1

  • 9


    • Universal Path

    • AUDIO: Universal Path

    • NEXT LEVEL...

    • Steps for Miraculous Living

Dreams can come true miraculously, there is a formula....

you have to practise it, train your mind, have the right energy, don’t allow fear and
doubt to interfere, hold your vision and don’t change your mind....
And there is another ingredient you must have…

  • Here is a taste of what you experience and receive:-

    - Profound teachings of Jason Chan
    - High quality Video and Audio recordings
    - Powerful group meditations led by Jason Chan
    - Experience expansion of consciousness
    - Advanced Infinite Chi Kung & Chi Yoga practices with Jason Chan

  • Is this advanced retreat for you?

    This Retreat is for you if you are a practitioner of the Infinite Arts and willing to:

    - Take a deep honest dive into what's holding you back
    - Move through these challenges and old habits
    - Take daily action that will bring you lasting transformation
    - Seek to deepen your compassion towards yourself and others
    - Be ready to transform your life though healing and learning
    - Be committed to taking part every day of the Retreat

  • What commitment do you need to give?

    This is a deep and healing retreat. With that in mind you will need to dedicate yourself to this training. We recommend the following to gain the maximum benefit from the teachings: 

    - Allocate a minimum of 1 hour in the morning and
    - 1 hour in the evening to follow the retreat materials
    - Allow time to incorporate your Infinite Arts practice
    - Create a sacred space, be ready, no disturbances
    - The more you put into this retreat, the more you gain


  • PDF

    Download and Keep: beautifully created in PDF format Jason's "10 Steps for Miraculous Living

  • Audio Meditations

    Download and Keep:
    - Healing & Transcendence Infinite Meditations

  • Infinite Chi Kung Video

    Download and Keep: "Golden Sun" Advanced Programme

Read what our students have to say about our online courses:

An amazingly honest platform for Spiritual growth.


A beautiful masterful course, full of sincerity, truth and love. An amazingly honest platform for Spiritual growth. The course gave me a deepening awareness beyond my expectations. Very deep teachings made accessible and in such a way as to enable immediate integration. I am so grateful to Jason and The Infinite Arts team.

Its like having 1 to 1 personal tuition with Jason


The Infinite Tai Chi stage 1 to 3 course absolutely beautiful .. Its like having 1 to 1 personal tuition with Jason..and he is so patient ..I will never ever say " I hate technology" ..which I have in the past . These courses are just amazing inspiring opportunities and so personable ...There is always an opportunity to ask ...Thank you so much!

a powerful retreat to deepen & expand.

Emelia May

This was a powerful retreat to deepen & expand. I found it challenging as the ‘stuff’ became known, however, the material perfectly timed to assist the release and transformation. A tangible shift had certainly occurred by the end of the retreat.

true Master of the energy arts

John & Gaia Parkin

“We’ve hosted several retreats for Jason Chan over the years – as energy practitioners ourselves it was obvious from the moment we met Jason that he is a true Master of the energy arts, and there aren’t many of those around. We know – we’ve looked. It’s impossible not to feel the chi around Jason, so his teaching becomes more ‘transmission’ than instruction. We would recommend anyone interested in exploring the world of chi to head straight to the luminous door of Jason Chan.”

Fabulous course

Margaret R

Fabulous course, lots of information about the philosophy underlying the practice. Clear and easy to follow movement and exercises. Great meditations.

connect more with my truth and with my heart

Ann W

Jason provides a profound combination of strength and love and patiently has allowed me to go on an incredible journey. I know what he gives is life saving and life giving. Jason has allowed me to connect more with my truth and with my heart. He has supported my soul awakening, encouraged me to heal, find peace and the stillness my heart has ached for – in truth, he helps you see your divine perfection and is unlike any other teacher. Incredible things happen in your life once you have met Jason.


As you can see from the outline above, this online course has the power and potential to be deeply healing and transforming.
Be prepared for change!
Book Now and Make That Change

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