Course curriculum

  • 2

    MONTH 1

    • Introduction MONTH 1

    • Talk. Breath, Yin and Yang

    • Warrior Warm Up, Infinite CHI KUNG

    • "Golden Sun" Infinite Chi Kung

    • Energy Pattern - Infinite Meditation

    • Infinite Meditation - the most powerful practice that we teach.

    • Live Well, Die Peacefully Audio Lesson

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 1

    • “The Radiant Warrior” - Reflection

    • Your Journal for Month 1

    • Jason’s Recommendations for month 1 practice:

  • 3

    MONTH 2

    • Introduction

    • Warm Up with Jason

    • "Golden Sun" Infinite Chi Kung - insights

    • Major Energy Channels

    • Infinite Meditation Instructions

    • Infinite Arts are about Life itself. Audio Talk

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 2

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 3

    • "The Radiant Warrior" - Reflection

    • Jason's recommendations for month 2 practice & NOTES

    • Your Journal Month 2

  • 4

    MONTH 3


    • "Standing Like a Tree" primary Infinite Chi Kung

    • Infinite Meditation

    • Power of Infinite Meditation, Talk

    • Love Presence, Talk

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 4

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 5

    • "The Radiant Warrior" - Reflection

    • Jason’s Recommendations for MONTH 3 practice & NOTES

    • Your Journal Month 3

  • 5

    MONTH 4

    • Introduction MONTH 4

    • Warm Up, before Standing Like a Tree

    • "Standing like a tree" Infinite Chi Kung Inner Structure

    • Building Foundation, Part 1 - Body & Mind

    • Building Foundations, Part 2 - Emotions, Energy

    • Building Foundation, Part 3 - Consciousness

    • The Goals of Infinite Meditation

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 6

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 7

    • “The Radiant Warrior” - Reflection

    • Jason’s Recommendations for MONTH 4 practice & NOTES

  • 6

    MONTH 5

    • Introduction MONTH 5

    • Butterfly Sweeping Infinite Chi Kung

    • Audio Talk The Three Treasures, Part 1

    • Audio, Three Treasures Talk Part 2

    • Video Talk, Conscious Awareness

    • This Month Reading & NOTES

    • Summary/Assessment OPTIONAL

  • 7

    MONTH 6

    • Introduction MONTH 6

    • Warm Up, Infinite Chi Kung

    • Golden Sun Part 1 Infinite Chi Kung - Jason's Commentary

    • Talk, Internal Energy & Infinite Meditation

    • Meditation Internal Journey

    • Reflections & NOTES

  • 8

    MONTH 7

    • Introduction MONTH 7

    • Six Healing Sounds Infinite Chi Kung

    • Talk, Live Long And Prosper

    • Compassion, Infinite Meditation

    • Talk, Balance in Life

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 8

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 9

    • Reflection & NOTES

  • 9

    MONTH 8

    • Introduction MONTH 8

    • Warm Up with Jason Chan

    • 6 Healing Sounds, Jason Chan's insights

    • Focus on Love, Infinite Meditation

    • Talk, Do You Know Yourself, Cultivating Love Energy.

    • “3 Dantiens “, Infinite Meditation

    • Talk, Master Your Life – The Three Dantiens

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 10

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 11

    • Reflections & NOTES

  • 10

    MONTH 9

    • Introduction MONTH 9

    • "Six Healing Sounds" Infinite Chi Kung, inner structure

    • Talk, Evolution of Human Consciousness, Mindfulness & Meditation, Part 1

    • Talk, Open Heart Meditation & Mindfulness, Part 2

    • Talk, The Art of Meditation

    • Infinite Meditation

    • “Contemplation on The Self”, Infinite Meditation

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 12

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 13

    • "The Radiant Warrior Book" - Reflection

    • Recommendations for this month practise

  • 11


    • Introduction, MONTH 10

    • Golden Dragon, Infinite Chi Kung

    • Talk , Success & Purpose of Life, Part 1

    • Talk, Success & Purpose of Life, Cultivating Fire, part 2

    • Talk, Power of Meditation

    • “Fear and Love can’t co-exist”, short talk and Infinite Meditation

    • Infinite Meditation, Cultivate Spiritual Strength

    • "The Radiant Warrior" Book - CHAPTER 14

    • Reflections & NOTES

    • OPTIONAL: The Final Assessment for 1st Year Students

    • NEXT LEVEL of Transformation

  • 12


    • "5 Elements" Infinite Chi Kung

    • Infinite Meditation

    • 7 Stages Of Enlightenment

    • The Radiant Warrior Primary Series

  • 13


    • September 2020

    • October 2020

  • 14


    • Horse Riding Stance

    • GS Part A - Movements / Instructions

    • GS Part B - Movements / Instructions

  • 15


    • Year 2 - Radiant Level


As our energetic vibrations and consciousness rise we will be able to tune into a very high energy field that is filled with unconditional love. Experiencing this energy is blissful, and once you have experienced it for yourself, even for just a moment or two, you will long to experience it again and again. Gradually, if you keep up your diligent daily practices, your own average level of vibration and consciousness will continue to rise until you will find it easier and easier to connect to this unconditional love and light for longer and longer periods of time.

Founder of Infinite Arts

Jason Chan

Jason Chan is a spiritual master and healer whose energy and teachings have transformed and enlightened the lives of hundreds of his close students, as well as touching the lives of thousands more spiritual seekers who have attended his courses, retreats, workshops and demonstrations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Thailand.

“Looking at life from the highest possible view, we can see that there is a definite order in all that happens in nature and the Universe. We are part of nature and it follows that we are affected by the same patterns, cycles, flow, change and movement of the natural laws. It is from these ancient sources of wisdom that the “Infinite Arts” have drawn their unique view of life.”

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The Radiant Warrior

What our students say

Its like having 1 to 1 personal tuition with Jason


The Infinite Tai Chi stage 1 to 3 course absolutely beautiful .. Its like having 1 to 1 personal tuition with Jason..and he is so patient ..I will never ever say " I hate technology" ..which I have in the past . These courses are just amazing inspiring opportunities and so personable ...There is always an opportunity to ask ...Thank you so much!

true Master of the energy arts

John & Gaia Parkin

“We’ve hosted several retreats for Jason Chan over the years – as energy practitioners ourselves it was obvious from the moment we met Jason that he is a true Master of the energy arts, and there aren’t many of those around. We know – we’ve looked. It’s impossible not to feel the chi around Jason, so his teaching becomes more ‘transmission’ than instruction. We would recommend anyone interested in exploring the world of chi to head straight to the luminous door of Jason Chan.”

Fabulous course

Margaret R

Fabulous course, lots of information about the philosophy underlying the practice. Clear and easy to follow movement and exercises. Great meditations.

connect more with my truth and with my heart

Ann W

Jason provides a profound combination of strength and love and patiently has allowed me to go on an incredible journey. I know what he gives is life saving and life giving. Jason has allowed me to connect more with my truth and with my heart. He has supported my soul awakening, encouraged me to heal, find peace and the stillness my heart has ached for – in truth, he helps you see your divine perfection and is unlike any other teacher. Incredible things happen in your life once you have met Jason.


cultivate our own internal chi by practising holistic arts of Infinite chi kung, tai chi and meditation